What Do You Do in Your Forties?

April 16th, 2015

When you turn 40, it is highly likely that you will start to change certain elements of your life, and you will find that you prefer to do things now that you have never done before. Maybe you are not old enough yet to be sat in front of a casino slot machine for hours at a time (or maybe you do like to do this now?), but you might start to like things like long scenic walks, which may never have appealed to you before.

It is perfectly natural that your tastes in life change when you hit the big 40. Maybe your party days are now behind you, and your social preferences have changed significantly. Maybe the kids are older now and you have more time to go out with your husband and see things that you have wanted to do for the last 10 years or so but couldn’t as you had the kids with you.

You choice of holidays may change too. You may now prefer a much more active holiday than before, where you used to like to go and laze on the beach during the day and hit the clubs during the nights. This is the natural progression of a woman in her forties, and although not all follow this path, many do, and they all seem to find that one thing in common with other women in their forties.

Such is the speed at which things in life are evolving now, we can’t really compare the things we do now with the previous generation. The last 25 years has seen a massive surge forward in as far as technology goes, and now things like mobile phones are a part of our lives and something that we rely on heavily for a number of things, and they were not even invented a generation ago. The same goes for the internet, as this was only born in the early 1990s.

Keeping Skin Young

June 13th, 2013

One of the sad facts of life is that as we age, our skin becomes less visually appealing than in previous years. Wrinkles suddenly appear out of nowhere, hair loss is setting in, and skin begins to sad. However, there are plenty of ways to keep skin looking young.healthy-young-skin

As you get older, doctors recommend exfoliating your skin weekly. Skin can become dull and dry, but weekly exfoliation can help eliminate the dead skin cells and allow for new skin to grow more quickly. There are a variety of moisturizers and soaps to help eliminate dry skin. A number of lists are available discussing the best moisturizers on the market.

Drugs such as tobacco and alcohol also contribute to terrible skin. Many are not aware that just smoking and drinking on a regular basis is damaging. While many might not want to hear it, research shows that smoking ages skin. One easy way to help revitalize skin is to stop the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

One final piece of advice is to avoid overexposure in the sun. The UV rays do age skin and cause wrinkles and blemishes. Loose fitting clothing should be worn to block as much sun as possible, and sunscreen should always be worn at all times. Many are also unaware that the sunscreen they are using is possibly not strong enough. There are a number of tips available to make sure skin is properly protected during the hottest days of the year. Employ any of all of these tips to help keep skin looking young and fresh.

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