Age and Cosmetics: Finding the Balance

May 14th, 2013

In our forties, we know who we are and we know what we want. It’s a perfect age for every woman to finally feel comfortable in her own skin, shunning the confining expectations of our society. How should we look? How much care should we dedicate to our looks? These questions shouldn’t be important, but still, sometimes it’s difficult to completely forget about them.

When I look at that woman in the mirror, she doesn’t look like she’s twenty, but she doesn’t think like a twenty-year-old girl either. Her eyes reflect experience and knowledge. I draw confidence from that fact. We are the sum of our thoughts, actions and experiences. I feel older, so frankly, it is a relief to see that my appearance reflects that age as well. It’s almost a gamble doing this, just like playing on the mobile slot games on your phone!

However, the greatest challenge is finding the balance. I don’t want to spend excess energy and time to look like those ladies in anti-age cosmetics commercials, but I don’t want to become a slob either. If I buy that cream, am I succumbing to the pressure? If I ignore it, am I making a mistake? Where is the balance?

Cosmetics Suitable For Each Age_1

There is no general rule about this. One of my friends started using anti-age products in her mid-twenties. Trying out cosmetics is fun for her, so I guess she never felt bothered by it. On the other hand, another friend of mine doesn’t really use make up or anti-age cosmetics. She never did, and she doesn’t feel inferior because of that. I prefer natural beauty solutions, as they feel like the safest and the most comfortable path.

I think that’s where the truth lies. That’s how we eventually find the balance – the key is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Do what feels right for you, and never, ever feel insecure because your age is showing. There is no wisdom in youth, after all, and in my book, other qualities are far more valuable than a piece of skin.

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