How To Make Your Forty and Fabulous Wardrobe Last

January 29th, 2013

Clothing is an investment, just as real estate or investment funds or even online casinos! For all of those you better do some research beforehand. Real estate hunter may want to check this before they get started, and online gamblers better check out casino reviews at sites like before they put down a deposit for that bonus! Anyways, we’re getting a bit off-topic here. Back to clothing as an investment. With ever changing styles, it can seem like you are spending more and more money on items that fill up your closet but do not last for more than one season. If you are over forty, many of the trendiest items seem to be not only short on shelf life but personality as well. Dark colors and the same silhouettes can creep in year after year without much deviation. If you want to make your wardrobe last and still get the trends that you want, the following are some tips to make your wardrobe one you will more than just wear but enjoy.


Belts are a great investment that last more than one season and give your clothing a new flare. They are versatile and can be worn with different clothing choices, from sweaters to coats. By choosing belts in a variety of colors, you can take your basic black or neutral clothing items and give them a new look, without spending more money. Further, the right belt can be worn on patterns as well as plain clothing making it a style option that will last throughout the seasons. Belts, too, are always in style and the right style can be worn year after year. Take a look at Polyvore!

black white banana dress yellow cardi socks and mary janesLayers

A great outer layer option in a strong color can also be an investment that will last more than just one season. A cardigan, for example, can be worn in virtually every season of the year and comes in a wide array of colors. A bright yellow cardigan over a gray dress will give it in a new life and can look just as fabulous as if you were wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt. For this reason, women over forty and of all ages for that matter can really benefit from choosing a strong outer layer option. For more great looks, check this out.

Online dating for women aged 40 and over

September 26th, 2012

If like me you are well into your forties but still as randy as a teenager who’s just discovered his dad’s jizz mag collection, you’re probably yearning for some hot young meat. Hitting the roller disco circuit or going large in Ibiza may be one option for the 40 year old lady to snare a young lover, but if you can’t be arsed with all that dancing and farting around, online dating could be the next best option for you.

There are many sites out there that cater for friendly meet ups, dates, strolls on the beach and other romantic pursuits, but I recommend that you fast forward to the bedroom and skip the boring chit chat. After all, let’s face it – a woman aged 40 and over has no time to mess around talking about Fifty Shades of Grey or whatever crappy novel your new date is pretending to read – she wants to get down and dirty!

The beauty of online dating is that you know a lot about the guy even before you meet him. If I’m out dancing at a disco and hook up with a young-un, I have no idea whether he’s even got a job! Hell, he may even still be at school for all I know! One time in Ibiza, I was having it large in Amnesia for my 46th birthday with the girls, and I started getting jiggy on the podium with a muscley young spunk from Cornwall. Anyway, turns out he was only 17! And the only way I knew was when I saw his driver’s license after I rifled through his wallet the next morning to borrow 10 Euros for my cab ride home!

So take it from me ladies, if you’re pushing 50 and don’t want to waste your time – online dating is where it’s at.