How to save a little extra, so you can afford the finer things in life

March 10th, 2013

With all the outgoings we have every month, it’s increasingly difficult to find extra money for those little luxuries we love so much. With this in mind, we have put together a list of our top five ways to save money, so you have a little extra cash each month to spend on the finer things in life.

  1.    137894111_476x290 Search for coupons. With just a little effort, you can make some very real savings each month on necessities, such as grocery shopping. Many grocery stores offer online coupons for their most popular items, if you know where to look. A quick internet search could save you some serious money.
  2.     Shop around. With the advent of sites such as Amazon and Ebay, shopping around for bargains is no longer an arduous task. So, next time you’re due to make a purchase of an expensive item, such as an electronic good or a piece of furniture, take five minutes to shop around. You could save hundreds of dollars. Not bad for a few minutes of work.
  3.     Use an epilator. You may snigger at this one, but how much do you spend each year on waxing or razor blades? The answer is likely to be too much. Why not consider purchasing an epilator? It’s a real time and money saver. You could spend the savings on a little more pampering.
  4.     Trade babysitting duties with friends. If you’ve got kids, and you want to enjoy a bit of alone time with your other half, babysitting fees can really stack up. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, however, why not consider trading babysitting duties with friends? Take it in turns to look after each other’s children, instead of paying a babysitter, and it will save you a fortune.
  5.     Stop smoking. Smoking is an expensive habit and one that dramatically lowers life expectancy. If you want to save some real money, and improve your health, quit smoking. Take a jar and every time you feel like buying cigarettes, place the money you would have spent in it. Seeing that money you could have wasted stack up will be increased motivation, as well as providing you with some funds towards those new pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on.
  6.     Gamble wise. If you are an online games lover like so many other mums/women in their 40s who are working from home, be sure to only use the best offers from sites offering games. Online casinos often offer you ‘free bonus’, but be cautious and read the terms and conditions first. There are also Money Saving Slot Machine Strategies you can use to limit your gambling spend to a minimum and maximize the outcome!


So You’re in Your 40s – So What?

February 18th, 2013

For many women, aging is the most serious infraction that could happen. You begin to wonder if your husband is going to have a midlife crisis – or worse, if you are. You re-evaluate all of your clothing, start questioning your hair styles and start hoarding money like you’ve never done before, or you even find yourself checking out which slot to play next at Stop the insanity! Okay, so you’re in your 40s, is it really that bad? Of course not – here’s why:

Newfound Freedom

Many women actually welcome their 40s, rather than fear it. Just because you are turning 40 or have already been there for a few years, doesn’t mean you have to stop living. 462-getting-olderAs a matter of fact, it comes with a certain level of freedom that you don’t have in your 20s or 30s. Most women who have children will see them begin to leave the nest, opening up a door you haven’t visited since you gave birth. Now you have time for you, time to do all those things you only dreamed of with a baby in one hand and a toddler running around.

Rock that Sexy New Do

The 40s are a great time to reinvent yourself. Don’t go out and quit your job, but take the time to do something for you. Get a sexy new haircut or take yourself on a shopping spree, the world is your oyster. You are no longer bound to the granny look of previous generations (thank goodness!) and you can age in style.

Don’t become a victim to those who say your life is over. In actuality, it is only just the beginning.